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Brushed Silver

with Clear Quartz

Rose Gold

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Brushed Silver

with Black Obsidian


Using crystals to energize your water with Trine Water bottles.

  • Sacred Geometry

    Trine Water is symbolized by the icosahedron, which represents the element of water in sacred geometry. The icosahedron is connected to the Sacral Chakra that is associated with the fluids and liquids that nourish the body.

  • Astrology

    Trine in astrology means the favorable aspect of two celestial bodies in a harmonious angle of support that represent blessings on the path of life. On your birth chart, the houses that host your Trine are innate areas of alignment.

  • How Trine bottles work

    Your crystals never touch the water because we’ve developed the one piece all glass bottle to have a glass layer of separation, creating a dry compartment at the bottom just for your crystals.

  • Crystal Energy

    The natural crystals in your Trine Water bottle amplify the energy and magic you project into them. Human emotions, thoughts, words and ideas transform the molecular structure of water. We include either clear quartz, rose quartz, or black obsidian with your bottle.

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